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Extensia is a community management platform that allows you to effectively manage your organization's activities in one platform. Some of our core features include:

  • Community Management and Communications
  • Fundraising Event Orchestration
  • Hosting programs, services, and volunteer opportunities
  • Offering facility for community rentals
  • Conducting on-premises and online auctions for fundraisers Self-service reports and much more.

  • We consolidate many of the capabilities that you may currently be receiving from multiple platforms or providers to simplify your community management efforts and give you back more time to invest in building a stronger relationship with your communities.
  • We can readily integrate with your website so you can get started without requiring your community to register with our platform.
  • We offer integration with multiple payment processors with payment methods ranging from credit cards, ACH/debit, and PayPal, to Venmo, Checks, and even cash accounting for onsite fundraisers.
  • Not only do we offer robust reporting features, both for organization administrators as well as community members, but we also have robust workflows to automate conversion of pledges into donations, increasing your overall return.

Getting started is simple as follows:
  • Register as a platform user
  • Register your organization
  • Upon approval by our Compliance team, setup your payment processors to accept payments
  • Start creating events, campaigns, programs, services and volunteer opportunities as needed
  • Initiate community outreach campaigns right from the platform and get started with promoting your cause

As a community member, we are open to everyone in the world. However, at this time, we are only allowing organizations in the United States and Canada to register conduct operations.

Please visit our website at to learn more about our cost effective solution and request a quotation.

Getting started with Extensia is easy. You simply upload an excel spreadsheet with your community member details, and we help you automation transition to our platform with SMS and email campaigns so your community members can click on a link to register with us and get started.

Not at all. 

To use our platform, no hardware investment is needed. All you need is a web browser to get started and your community members use their mobile devices to interact with the platform and participate in your organization's activities. Our solution is cross compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

There are over 30 report templates available, both for community members as well as organization administrators. Ranging from campaign-specific reports to year-end tax reporting, Extensia frees you up from the hectic year-end manual processes and automates tax reporting to your community members. We also have event performance reports, program registration statistics, and many other reports available. Give us a try today.

  • We are using state-of-the-art cybersecurity controls to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of our customers' information. We take this responsibility very seriously.
  • Our founders come from a 20+ year background in business risk management and information assurance. Security and Privacy by design is at the core of our platform architecture and development efforts.
  • We manage secure code development with static code reviews and dynamic service assessments to pre-emptively detect and correct security related issues before services are delivered to our customers.
  • From a network and systems perspective, we employ a layered defense-in-depth approach to ensure that any potential intrusion or exfiltration attempts are detected, blocked, and prevented from recurrence.
  • We are also on the path to obtain our AICPA SOC-2 certification, as well as alignment with and certification to the ISO27001 standard.